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01.03.2006 / Новости

On the eve of the presidential elections in Belarus the authorities have consolidated State repressions against opposition members, mainly youth activists. Youth organisations are considered to be a real threat to the regime as declared the chairman of KGB. That is why a number of young people have experienced the terroristic methods of the lawless regime. Recently four activists of Young Front have been imprisoned and put on trial as criminals on vain pretexts. A great number of people have been arrested after the election campaign have started. Подробнее >>>

18.10.2005 / Новости

Valiery Lievanieuski (Valery Levaneuski) was taken from Ivatsevichy prison to the Republican prison hospital, said Radio Liberty. According to the prisoner’s relations, the heart problems got worse after Lievanieuski had been on hunger-strikes to protest against the violation of his rights.
According to Lievanieuski’s son Uladzimier, “he first started to have problems with the heart and back, but he does not know why. He decided to undergo treatment and get a medical checkup at the same time”. Подробнее >>>

11.10.2005 / Новости

Belarusian authorities have stroke the hardest blow on independent press so far. The only independent daily, Narodnaia Volia, faces the danger of disappearance. On 30 September, in his speech to the Defense Soviet, Aliaksandr Lukashenka stated it was necessary to protect Belarusian society from foreign informational expansion and “induction of instability by anti-Belarusian information resources”. Подробнее >>>

03.10.2005 / Новости

The leader of the Hrodna businessmen Valiery Lievanieuski (Valery Levaneuski) who is now serving a sentence in Ivatsevichy Prison asks the administration to open a chamber for believers of various denominations. Uladzimir Levanieuski, the prisoner`s son, told Radio Liberty about this initiative of his father. According to Valiery Lievanieuski, most of the prisoners are atheists and those who believe in God are mostly Orthodox. However, there are quite a few Catholics, Protestants and representatives of other denominations. Valiery Lievanieuski himself is Catholic. The prisoner`s son reminded that the father never was a staunch believer, however he went to church regularly. Подробнее >>>

05.09.2005 / Новости

The Supreme Court of Belarus finally responded to the complaint of Valiery Lievanieuski (Valery Levaneuski), submitted in March 2005 against the sentence, according to which he was found guilty in defamation of president and punished with two years of jail. The Supreme Court decided to leave the sentence unchanged. Подробнее >>>

22.07.2005 / Новости

In September 2004 Valiery Lievanieuski (Valery Levaneuski), chair of the Nationwide Strike Committee of Businessmen, and his deputy Aliaksandr Vasilieu were found guilty ofinsult to Aliaksandr Lukashenka (violation of Article #367 of the Criminal Code) and sentenced to two years of colony. Recently the authorities have amnestied Vasilieu. However, Lievanieuski (Valery Levaneuski) wasn´t granted parole. (07-JULY-05). Подробнее >>>

21.06.2005 / Новости

After the hunger-strike the Hrodna businessman Valiery Lievanieuski (Valery Levaneuski) went to the prison hospital in the Ivatsevichy penal facility. Lievanieuski was on hunger-strike for a week since 1 June, protesting the imprisonment conditions. According to the information provided to Radio Liberty by Valiery Lievanieuski’s son Uladzimir, his father feels heartache and is undergoing a course of treatment. Подробнее >>>

02.09.2002 / БелаПАН (интернет-газета "Белорусские новости"), Новости

In their struggle for favorable economic conditions and decent living standards — for business directly depends on the population’s purchasing power — Belarusian market vendors use different methods, from strikes to appeals directly to the head of state and other officials. However neither protest campaigns nor appeals have so far brought about the desired result. The government is reluctant to embrace private business with its numerous problems. Подробнее >>>

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